What is the full scope of your risk?


Vendors who enable infrastructure

  • IT Operations, Data Center and Remote Management

  • Asset Management

  • Server/Desktop Virtualization

  • Enterprise Messaging, VPN Networking

  • Telecommunications

  • Network and End-point Security

  • Physical Security and Facility Maintenance


Vendors who distribute your sensitive data

  • Cloud Computing

    • Applications and Productivity Tools

    • Storage/backup solutions

    • Website and Email Hosting Services

  • Payment processing

  • Software Development

  • Performance / Monitoring Analytics

  • Courier Service


Vendors who consume your sensitive data

  • IT Consulting, Auditors

  • Real-time data feed partners, Loyalty Programs

  • Legal, Marketing, Accounting and HR

  • Disposal (Paper and Hardware Decommission)

  • Customer Service and IT Helpdesk

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