Eliminating Costs of Risk Assessments

December 3, 2018

On this week's Silicon Valley Insider with Keith Koo - Radio Show KDOW 1220 / KTRB 860AM - Thomas Nimmo, discusses Cyberfense and our unique approach to being "Cyber Compliant" in regards to how non-invasive risk assessments incentivize more risk management.


Keith Koo "the subject of risk management is very close to my heart". Hear how Cyberfense can offer free risk assessments for customers who have to conduct them on their "Third-Party-Risk" and vendors. Often times the requirement to conduct third-party-risk assessments presents many challenges to companies in regulated industries such as financial services, insurance & healthcare. The cost is ,usually $10K USD minimum...


As a marketplace portal, Cyberfense also creates the right incentives for third parties and vendors to actually respond to the risk assessment surveys. Find out more by listening and subscribing here:


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